Benefits of MONKEY PROOF®

When purchasing a safety surface, the initial cost is a key consideration, but more important is the actual cost of the surface projected over a period of years. More often than not, cheaper surfaces end up costing more in the long term due to extensive maintenance and replenishment costs.

MONKEY PROOF® is cost effective -When costed over the products lifetime, MONKEY PROOF® beats other surfaces comparable and loose fill products.

MONKEY PROOF® is more resilient than other safe surface products on the market, there have been no surface failures in 15 years of production, saving you time, money and maintenance.

MONKEY PROOF® is slip-resistant, hygienic and non abrasive, it requires very little maintenance, only requiring sweeping and occasionally hosing down.

MONKEY PROOF® is a continuous and porous surface, therefore eliminating potentially hazardous gaps, joins and puddles unlike most traditional surfaces.

MONKEY PROOF® is environmentally sound being manufactured from reconstituted commercial vehicle tyres, thus recycling an otherwise hazardous waste product.

MONKEY PROOF® use EDPD, a non-toxic and non-staining product in the top coat to create vibrant designs limited only by your imagination.

MONKEY PROOF® complies with current safety standards and guidelines.

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