The Environment

In the UK alone, around 40 million tyres (440,000 tonnes) per year are currently being disposed of creating a major environmental issue. Ethical strategies for dealing with the issue of scrap tyres and how best to recover, recycle and reuse them are global challenges.

Tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. Used tyres are one of the most unmanageable scrap products of the modern age because of their bulk and virtual indestructibility.

Disposal of these tyres by landfill or by incineration has huge detrimental effects on the environment. The old fashioned way of getting rid of them is by incinerating them, but this process increases pollution as toxic fumes can spread and do damage to the environment.

The majority currently end up in landfills or are disposed of in an environmentally unacceptable manner. As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility and reducing unnecessary waste, Monkey Proof is made with recycled tyres. By recycling these tyres into useful secondary raw materials we are making a significant contribution to the environmental clean-up.

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