Maintenance of MONKEY PROOF® Play Surfaces

Routine maintenance will ensure that the playing surface is kept clean and delivers consistent performance.

Essential preventative steps

  • Sweeping leaves and other detritus from the surface
  • Brushing the surface to prevent any accumulation of an impervious skin on the surface that may impair drainage.
  • Ensuring that only appropriate footwear is used on the surface. High healed shoes, studs and spikes are not appropriate.
  • Inspecting surface for signs of damage and arranging remedial repairs promptly

Keeping the Surface Clean
Leaves, flowers, pine needles and other detritus should not be allowed to remain on the surface for any length of time. These rapidly rot down forming a drainage-inhibiting ‘skin’ within the surface and providing a growing medium for algae moss and weeds.

Stain Removal
Most stains are easily removed with a solution of hot (not boiling) water and household detergent, such as washing-up liquid. The removal of chewing gum is achieved using a freezing aerosol. Heavy oil marks are removed with a cloth and methylated spirits.

No matter how much care is taken weeds may appear on the surface usually as a result of wind blown seeds. Small number of weeds may removed by hand without damaging the surface. Localised areas of self-set weeks can be treated with domestic weed-killers without causing damage to the surface. Oil based weed killers must not be used.

Snow & Ice
Snow and ice are not harmful and can safely melt through. Brushes or rubber edged scrapers must be used to remove snow. Metal shovels and scrapers will damage the surface and must not be used; neither should chemical de-icing agents be used. If heavy rain falls immediately after a very cold spell, the surface may become flooded for a few hours.

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